Ginn Group Consulting is a nationally-recognized design management firm with a proven track record in delivering exceptional outcomes and incisive analysis for clients. GGC brings objective and insightful perspective and expertise to review, research, develop, and deliver advanced business and legal analysis, strategies, and solutions. The GGC team is comprised of an exceptionally “deep bench” of talented multidisciplinary professionals.

Melanie Shaw Ginn
President & CEO

Stace R. Ginn, JD
Legal Counsel & CFO

Angela Elles, MFA
Director of Communications

Jenara Gardner
Director of Educational Partnerships and Philanthropy

Audra Kalmbach
SMART Operations Coordinator

Yolima Moncada, DNP, FNP, APRN-BC
Director, SMART Clinical Operations

Karina Rincon, MS
Vice President, Information Management

Juan Pablo Sanchez
Manager, SMART Business Development

Trusted Associates and Colleagues

The Ginn Group Consulting team is proud to be enriched and supported by our multitalented cohort of expert contractors who understand and support the specific and impassioned missions of the firm.

Chad Adams-Thomas
Principal, Sullivan High School
SMART Academic Advisor

Michael Baer
President and Co-Owner, Fusioncorp
SMART Knowledge Management System Software Developer

Eric Crabtree
Chief Technology Officer, Structured Inc.
Technology Support

Lindsey Crabtree, MBA
Founder, COO, Structured Inc.
Director, SMART Revenue Cycles and Project Management

Mary Crang, DNP
Nurse Practitioner, Integrated Health Care
SMART Clinical Advisor

Beejay Elles
Senior Graphic Designer, Grote Industries
SMART Branding and Print Design

Layne Elliott
Administrative Assistant

Andrew Gluck, MBA
President, Social Capital Valuations
Senior Analyst, Performance Measurement

Kendra Juskus, MFA
Freelance Copyeditor and Proofreader

Stephanie Ross, MA
Project Manager, Zuffnuff Web Services
SMART Website Manager

Kim Shaw
Accounting Associate

Julie Stockman, MA
Freelance Writer, Editor, Layout Designer, and Educator

Corwyn Wilkey
Web and Graphic Design Specialist, University of Alaska, Anchorage and Art Director, Alaska Digital Creative
SMART Graphic Design