Cindy Montoya, BSNational Utilization and Engagement Director

    Cindy manages the utilization and engagement for all three Providence, Rhode Island, SMART sites, including providing core training curricula and modules for any new staff members. She ensures that operations are in adherence to the Model as an integrated asset within the school and within the principals’ leadership teams. She also ensures that every student in all three schools is consented in order to achieve 100% Consented, and 100% Consented Seen, in each Providence SMART Clinic. She provides vision and leadership as the driver of the SMART Model’s business fundamentals in keeping with the SMART Whole Child, Whole School approach; manages and leverages reports from eTHOS, SMART’s Knowledge Management System, to guide the successful implementation of Active Access to Active Care; and provides onsite assistance, as needed, to support teams and operational success.

    Cindy brings over 10 years of experience within the health care field in clinic organization, data management, and the client fulfillment spectrum. She has worked with
    children and in case management, as well as in other interdisciplinary work as an Advocate for Connect for Health Lifespan. She is bilingual in English and Spanish and
    has specialty experience within the ethical scope of clinic performance and the various methods utilized to perform as a skilled manager.

    Cindy graduated from Rhode Island College in Providence with a Bachelor of Science in health care administration, specializing in human resource management, quality management, healthy policy, and contemporary issues.