Teirdre K. Owens, MA, CHES, SMART™ Regional Utilization and Engagement Director, Southeast Territory

Owens is the Utilization and Engagement Director for the Southeast Territory in a dual role that reflects the private sector acumen of the model’s architect by acting as the business and marketing leader while also providing GGC liaisonship, training, and technical assistance to SMART™ Student Health and Wellness Centers in Alabama and the surrounding region. Owens served as the utilization and engagement manager at SMART™’s first clinic in Alabama at Aliceville High School where she consented 96% percent of students of which 96% were seen in the clinic. Additionally, her efforts empowered the SMART™ clinical team to subsequently provide integrated screenings to 85% of the school population. That same year school attendance improved by 2.5%, graduation increased by 2%, and in-school suspension was reduced by 8.7%, results that were widely hailed by the school’s principal and district superintendent.

Owens is an experienced public educator teaching at both Aliceville High School and the University of Alabama. She also served for several years as the Ryan White Outreach Coordinator for Maude Whatley Health Services. Owens received both her Master of Arts in Health Science and her Bachelor of Science in Health Care Management from the University of Alabama. She is a Certified Health Education Specialist.

Teirdre K. Owens
Phone: 859-388-2008
Email: info@ginngroupconsulting.com