Cindy Montoya, BS

Cindy brings over 10 years of experience within the health care field in clinic organization, data management, and the client fulfillment spectrum. She has worked with children and in case [...]


Gaye Crowell, RN

With over 36 years of direct client care within all age groups, Gaye is a dedicated registered nurse and certified case manager. Her nursing experience is diverse, and she holds a special [...]


Julia Garcia, B.S.

Julia’s relationship with GGC began in 2013 with the opening of the Flagship SMART® Clinic at Sullivan High School in Chicago. To help ensure the success of the new SMART® Model, Melanie Ginn, [...]


Renita Quick

Renita first connected with Melanie Ginn, CEO of Ginn Group Collaborative (GGC) and Architect of the SMART® Student Health and Wellness Model, in 2013 while employed at a relationship and [...]

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